Our model is based on providing independent, conflict-free advice of the highest quality. The tenets of our business are:

Independence & objectivity

Advice is our only business. We do not sell products, we rarely work for multiple clients in a sector, and we derive many of our new clients through referrals from existing clients. Our business model ensures that our sole focus is to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients: we live by the quality of our advice and our ability to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Quality of advice

Our model does not require us to pursue every transaction in a sector. We are selective in the mandates that we accept. We execute a small number of transactions at any time, in situations in which we can contribute specialist knowledge. Our clients receive our complete attention, and our focus ensures that all advice is considered and comprehensive. We do not delegate: every piece of advice that we provide to our clients is provided by senior investment bankers with over 30 years of combined experience.


We are rarely retained in situations that require an advisor only to provide resources or execute a standard process. We act in situations that are complex or which require specialist knowledge, and our advice and the processes that we design reflect transactional and sector expertise. We optimise the results of our transactions by creating commercial, flexible processes that engage counter-parties in a way that is adapted to specific markets and situations.


We believe that we are able to deliver our best advice when we work as an integral element of our clients’ teams. We recognise that this level of trust is a privilege that is earned over time. We seek to develop collaborative, day-to-day working relationships with owners, management and directors, so that the advice that we deliver is given in a relationship of candour, transparency and respect.

Confidence & discretion

We seek always to build long-term relationships that are based on trust. We do not seek publicity or recognition for our work, and we are not motivated by the need to achieve annual budgets. We hold the interests of our clients paramount and their confidentiality and privacy absolute.